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Winky Lux Brow Review


I see Winky Lux products every time I go to Target, they have the cutest display and the most beautiful packaging! They are the most luxurious drugstore makeup brand I have ever seen. I have wanted to try their products for so long so I was so excited when they sent me over their brow products to try.

As always with any review where the product is gifted, I always give my 100% honest opinion.

Winky Lux Uni-Brow Gel | $16

First I have to start by saying this is the most unique, luxurious brow gel I have ever used. Winky lux made this clear eyebrow gel to be universal so it works with every hair color and texture. This gel has a silicone comb instead of the traditional spoolie brush. I have never used a brow gel like this before, I loooove the silicone comb. It brushes your hairs exactly where it needs to be and it stays all day! I’ve noticed with spoolies they will get build up on the brush and start to dry out, but not with this one! This brow gel is the same price as the glossier boy brow, I would 100% recommend this over that! I love that this one works for everyone, and in my opinion, it makes my brows stay in place 10x better.

Brow pencils | $16 each

Winky Lux has two kinds of brow pencils, they have the Uni-brow pencil and Uni-brow Precision. They are both in one universal shade. On their website, they say the pencils are made with multi-pigments that works with most brow shades. I found that the universal shade matches my brows perfectly. I would say it would work best with darker brows, I don’t think it would work with anyone with a lighter color.

winky lux brow pencils

The Uni-brow pencil is thicker and I use this to fill in my entire brow. The precision pencil is thinner and I use this one to fill in the front of my brows. If I was going to buy one of these I would choose precision because you can fill in your brow and use it to fill in the front. Whereas with the thicker one, you don’t get those precise lines in the front.

Overall Review

My overall review of their brow collection is I would definitely recommend it. I would say for the price point these are in between drugstore and high end. I still love my $5 morphe pencil and I also love my $23 Anastasia pencil. These 3 products have definitely made it into my everyday makeup routine. I wish they would make these in different shades so that more people can use them. I know it says universal shade but I think anyone with lighter hair color is going to find this shade doesn’t work for them. I personally think the brow gel is 100% universal, I think it would work great for everyone.

If you join their email list they send you a 15% off code for their website.

Another product I have absolutely loved from Winky Lux is their So Extra Mascara. It is one of the best mascaras I have ever used. It lasts all day, makes your lashes so long, and doesn’t flake off during the day.

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