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The Best Self Tanning Products


*Affiliate links may be used in this post, which I receive a commission from, at no extra cost to you.

Now that Fall is officially here, we’re all starting to lose our summer tan. I don’t know about you but I always feel better if I have a little bit of a tan. It’s kind of a lose-lose situation for me, I don’t want to just lay in the sun but I’m also not the best at being consistent with self-tanners.  I found a few really great products that help keep your tan looking natural and are super easy to use!

Usually, I don’t use the super dark instant self-tanners, I’m more of a gradual tan kind of person. I don’t like looking like I’m wearing self-tanner. The end of summer is the perfect time to start using one daily because it keeps up your tan and doesn’t look super fake!  I’ve been using these products daily to help my tan lasting as long as possible.


St. Tropez Watermelon Tanner | $25

This is a newer product I’ve been trying but oh my gosh this is something I will always have in my routine. I sometimes struggle to use self-tanners because I haaaaate the self-tan smell, so that’s why this product intrigued me. When you use it, it smells like you are putting on a fruity scented lotion. The smell is amazing! After a few hours, the watermelon scent starts to fade and you do get a little bit of the tan smell.  But it really helps mask the smell and makes it not as strong.

I use this when I get out of the shower in place of my moisturizer. I can’t believe how moisturizing this is! My skin is so soft and it builds up to give you a really good color! I noticed a difference with this after my second use. I already had a natural tan when I started using it, so I’m sure if you are starting with nothing you would see results right away.


Jergens Natural Glow Lotion | $8

I didn’t have high hopes for this when I bought it because it was so cheap but I love this product! It’s really affordable and gives you a great color! I love how it comes in different shades, I get the darkest one they have which is Medium-dark. This one streaks a little easier than the St Tropez one, so when I use this I always use a mitt and I’ll go over with a big makeup brush just to make sure it’s all blended. I either use this or the St Tropez watermelon one.


St Tropez in Shower Tan | $25

I use this along with either of the gradual tanners. This one is on definitely is on the subtle side, but it’s such an easy, foolproof way to add a little bit of color. You put it on, leave it for 3 minutes and rinse it off! It’s that easy. This is a great product to extend the life of spray tans and darker self-tanner. If you’re going to try this I would definitely recommend getting the medium shade, the light is just a little too light.


Like I said I don’t love using mousses or instant self-tanners, but if I’m in a hurry and I need to tan I always go for the St Tropez mousse. It is the best one I’ve tried. It has a great color and applies really well. My trick with this mousse to make it not streaky is I always blend it out with a makeup brush after I apply with a mitt. Whenever I do this I never have streaks in my tan!

Let me know some of your favorite tanning products in the comments or on my Instagram!


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