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The Best Morphe Eye Brushes


After trying so many of the brushes from Morphe, I have narrowed the eye brushes down to my favorite five. These brushes will help you create the perfect eye look! I use these specific brushes to do my eyeshadow everyday.

This is a follow-up post to my favorite Morphe face brushes post from a few months ago.


M513 – Round Blender


This is the perfect brush for blending your transition shade and those first few lighter colors you put in the crease. It is a very full and fluffy brush, so it’s perfect for blending out the shades together.

M573 – Crease Brush


This brush is very similar to the M513, but it is a little thinner and has a rounded top. It is perfect for putting the darker colors in the crease. I love having two brushes to switch back and forth between when I’m doing my eyeshadow. It’s nice to have one you use darker colors with and one for lighter ones. I’ll go back in with the M513 when I’ve finished the crease and use the leftover eyeshadow on the brush to make sure all the colors are blended together.

M421 – Mini Concealer


This is meant to be a concealer brush but I love it for putting on my lid shades. It’s perfect because it’s such a small brush but it’s very dense so it packs a lot of pigment on. The rounded top lets you put the color exactly where you need it. I have a hard time with the bigger flat eye brushes because I find myself getting shadow everywhere and messing up my shadow. That’s why this one is so perfect for lid shades.

M213 – Smudger


I always had such a hard time blending out my lower lash line until I found this brush. It is the tiniest brush you will ever own but it blends eyeshadow like a dream. It’s also perfect for blending eyeliner.  I don’t know how I lived without this.

M515 – Detail Crease


This brush is the best for inner corner highlight and for the brow bone. On their website, it says it is also good for carving out the crease and for contouring the nose.


Those are my favorite eyeshadow brushes! What are your go to brushes?


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