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The Best Kylie Cosmetics Lip Liners for Fair Skin

Kylie Lip Liner

My all-time favorite lip liners are the Kylie Cosmetics liners. They are the most creamy, pigmented formula that feel like ¬†nothing on your lips! They’re the best because you can wear them by themselves or you can use them to change the color of other lip products. A few years ago I went through a phase where I bought so many Kylie Lip Kits, so I’ve accumulated quite a few of the lip liners with them. I used to think it was such a waste to get the liners because they were the same shade as the lip kits, and Kylie’s formula is so pigmented and lasts so long I never felt the need for a lip liner (except for a few really dark shades). I hardly ever used the liners until I started mixing liner with different lipstick shades.

The best part about nude lipstick is the color can totally change when you use a different color liner underneath it. It’s one of my favorite things to do! I wanted to share my top 5 nude lip liners that I use to change up my lip colors!

Kylie Lip Liners


Charm | $27

This one only comes as a full Lip Kit.

Since Charm is one of her Velvet formulas I usually use the lip liner with the lipstick, I feel like it keeps the color on a little longer. Charm is the most perfect dusty rose color, it has a great combo of pink/brown tones but is still a light color.


Apricot | $29 

This one is currently on sale for $17.40 for the whole Lip Kit.

Apricot is definitely a brighter peach tone. The reason I love this one is that the peach tone really warms up a nude lip. This is the most bright on my list but it works so well with a darker nude on top!


Dolce K | $12

This one you can buy the liner individually.

I had to include a darker brown liner, Kylie Cosmetics describes it as a deep beige nude. I’ve always loved the brown tone lipsticks but I had a really hard time finding a good brown that wasn’t totally brown, you know what I mean? I ordered Dolce K to give it a try, the liner and the lipstick together are a little too brown on me but individually they’re perfect. I use a pink tone under the lipstick (usually shade “bare”) or I’ll use Dolce K under a pink tone just depending on how brown I want the look to be.

One Wish | $29

This one only comes as a full lip kit.

In the swatches, One Wish looks very similar to Charm, but when you have them on they’re completely different shades. This one is a little darker and has a little more brown to it. This has been one of my most used lip liners because of the darker tone.


Bare | $27

This one comes in a Velvet or a Matte Lip Kit.

I saved the best for last, this is the best color Kylie has come out with by far. If I had to pick one out of any lipstick I’ve ever tried, this is the perfect nude for me. On the website, it is described as a “nude pinky beige” which is exactly what it is. It has a great mix of everything you could want in a nude lip. I wear the actual lipstick from this set multiple times a week. I think it’ll be the first Lip Kit I run out of!

Those are my Top 5 Nude Lip Liners from Kylie Cosmetics. What shades are your favorites from Kylie? Or what are you favorite brand of lip liners, I always love to try new brands! Let me know in the comments!


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