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Subtl Beauty Eyeshadow Duos Review

subtl beauty eyeshadow duos

Subtl Beauty is one of the most unique makeup brands I have ever tried. Their products have become staples in my makeup routine. I am absolutely obsessed with their starter stack. You can read my full review on those products here. I was so excited this summer when they launched an eyeshadow stack! They came out with 5 different eyeshadow duos. Each one has one matte and one shimmer shade.

The shades are Jelly, Crush, Dune, Nectar, and Sunset.

Each duo is $16. One of the things I love about Subtl Beauty is they have such amazing ingredients. The eyeshadows are no different. They have Hylurainc Acid, Chamomile Extract, Acai Berry Extract, and Vitamin E.

subtl beauty eyeshadow brush

Along with the duos they also came out with a Dual-End Eyeshadow Brush. One end is a densely packed for applying the color and the other end is an angled fluffy brush perfect for blending. This is a pretty decent brush, it’s really convenient how you get a two in one. But for me personally I like my brushes a little bigger and fluffier. I find that these are a little too dense to for my liking. You can find my favorite eye brushes here.

Jelly Duo | $16

Jelly has the lightest shades out of all five. It has a warm pink champagne shimmer shade and a cool dusty pink matte shade.

Crush Duo | $16

Crush is the most cool toned duo. The shimmer on this one is a cool mauve and the matte shade is a cool dusty lavender.


Dune Duo | $16

If you like to do darker eyeshadow looks Dune is going to be for you. It has the darkest matte shade out of all of them. Dune has a neutral bronze taupe shimmer shade and a warm rich brown for the matte.

Nectar Duo | $16

Nectar is the most golden eyeshadow with the shimmer being a warm golden brown and the matte is a warm cinnamon brown.

Sunset Duo | $16

Sunset is a more red toned shadow. The shimmer is warm rose gold and the matte is a warm brick red.

Matte Shadow Formula

They did such an amazing job with the matte formula on these shadows. They are super pigmented and blend like a dream. The only shadow that wasn’t my favorite was Crush, it is a more cool toned purple. It still has the same rich pigment I just don’t think this one blends the same as the other ones. I honestly think it’s just because of the purple, I still haven’t found a matte purple shade that blends amazing.

Other than that shade these are seriously some of the best matte shades I have used. As you can tell in my YouTube video I was genuinely shocked by how pigmented these are. You really only need to go in once with these. Both the shimmer and the mattes have such a buttery feeling, which makes them blend amazing on your eyes. My favorite mattes shades are Sunset and Dune.

Shimmer Shadow Formula

Just like with the mattes these are extremely pigmented! They have that same buttery feeling as the mattes. I loved every single one of the shimmers and have become some of my eyeshadow go-tos. I wanted to note that these tend to have a little bit of fall out, which for the most part just wipes off but I would recommend doing your foundation first with these!

If you want to see a full try on and my first impressions using these eyeshadows you can check out my video here!

Overall I think these are such amazing products! I love my subtl starter stack and I’m so excited I can now add the eyeshadow duos into my stack! If you haven’t checked out their products I would highly recommend them! My favorites are the bronzer, powder, concealer, and now the eyeshadows! Don’t forget to read my full starter stack review here before purchasing!


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