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Sephora Sale Picks 2021

Now is the best time to stock up or pick up what you’ve been wanting to try since the Sephora sale is going on! I wanted to compile a list of my makeup and skincare favorites! These are my tried and true go to products that I reach for the most. I was hoping to get a favorite from each category but some of my holy grails aren’t at Sephora so some of the categories are going to be missing! Since it’s a pretty long list I’m not going to go super in depth about each product, so if there’s a certain product you want a review about let me know and I can do a post about it!



I’m usually not the biggest primer fan but I’ve been using the Rare Beauty Pore Diffusing Primer since it launched and I have loved it! Honestly everything I have tried from Rare Beauty has been a 10/10 but I’ve loved using this primer on my t zone, it helps control the oil and blurs your pores!


It was so hard to narrow down my foundation favorites, I honestly have so many I love but I narrowed down to my top 3 favorites from Sephora. First Is the Sephora Collection foundation, it’s only around $20 and I love everything about this foundation! It has great coverage but is lightweight at the same time. I’ve use this foundation since high school that’s how much I love it!

Next is the newest product in my collection but I’ve been reaching for it everyday so I had to add it! It is the Tower 28 Beauty Sunny Days Foundation. I love this one for everyday because of how natural the coverage is, it gives you the your skin but better look and it has SPF! It gives you the perfect dewy look while protecting your skin! I would highly recommend checking this out if you like a more natural foundation.

Last but not least is the Giorgio Armani Neo Nude foundation. What I love about this is how it gives you great coverage but gives you such a natural look at the same time. I would describe it as an in-between of a bb cream and a foundation. Since this one is a little more pricey now is a great time to pick it up! You can read my full review on it here.


One of my favorite makeup launches this year was the stay vulnerable collection from Rare Beauty (you can find my review here) The melting cream blush from that collection has been one of my most reached for blushes! It blends so well into your skin making it look so natural! My absolute favorite shade that I recommend to everyone is shade Nearly Mauve!


If you have followed me for awhile you know I am obsessed with my Becca Cosmetics champagne pop! It was the very first highlighter that I ever bought, and I have bought so many since! I’m so glad that this highlighter is still going to be around!

Another one of my favorites is the Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb in How Many Carats? Still to this day I have yet to find a highlighter as unique as this one! It is basically just pure glitter, but extremely fine glitter that makes your skin glow! This is a product every makeup lover needs!

I had to throw in one last highlighter, just like the Fenty one this one is very unique! It is a highlighter that has no sparkle in it whatsoever! It is the Merit Day Glow Highlighting Balm in shade Cava. Since there is no glitter it gives your skin a super natural dewy glow! Which I actually love, it is perfect for no makeup days or to make your everyday makeup more dewy! I absolutely love this formula!


I feel like in the past I always have so many eyeshadow palettes I’m loving but lately I’ve just been reaching for this Lawless Little One palette. It really is the perfect everyday palette! It really has every shade you need and it is the perfect size, I take it with me every time I travel! You can read my full review here. They also just released another little one palette called the glam one, that I think I’m going to pick up during the sale!


I have been on the search for the best brow gel for years now and I think I have come pretty close to finding the perfect one. It is the Charlotte Tilbury Brow Fix Clear Brow Gel. This keeps your brows in place like glue, I haven’t found anything else that keeps my brows up like this has! Charlotte Tilbury has really good brow products in general, so I would highly recommend testing any of the products out! You can watch my review here.


Ever since this Rms Beauty Straight Up Volumizing Mascara launched this summer I have been constantly wearing it! It is one of the best everyday mascaras I have found! I feel like I’ve posted about this mascara so many times, so you can read more about it in this blog post.


I feel like I have hardly even worn real lipstick this year but I found so many great lip glosses! My top fav was the Merit Shade Slicks. These are some of the most hydrating lip glosses I have ever tried! You can check out my full review in this blog post or in this YouTube video.

Another one of my favorites is the famous Charloette Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick. But I have been loving it in the Hyaluronic Happiness Lipstick Balm formula! It feels like a lip balm but gives you the color of a lipstick! If you haven’t tried this formula from Charlotte Tilbury I would highly recommend it!


I have loved testing out different makeup trends and one of my favorites has been fake freckles. And Freck absolutely does it the best! This product is a little pricier so I would highly recommend picking this up during the sale! They have two shades, but if you are fair like me I would recommend getting the original color! You can check out my review/tutorial here


I feel that this belongs in both categories because of how many ways you can use this. It is technically a serum but I love using it with my makeup! my favorite hack to get dewy foundation is to mix this in with my foundation! It gives your foundation such a beautiful glow! I have talked about this product countless times so I won’t bore you again with how amazing it is, but if you want more details on it head to this blog post or this youtube video.


I have tested out so many different skincare products this year, and have narrowed down my favorites you can get at Sephora! I tend to have very acne prone skin so if you struggle with acne then these are for you!


I was an avid Clarisonic user until they went out of business and I never found anything to replace it until I tried this from PMD. I have been using their microdermabrasion tool for years and love it so I knew I was going to love this! I love that the head is silicone so it is extremely sanitary and you never have to buy a replacement head! It has multiple vibrate settings that help clean your skin! One of my favorite parts is the Jade Stone massager on the back. The stone heats up and has multiple vibrating settings to massage your face! I’m a huge believer in face massage, it helps depuff your skin and promotes lymphatic drainage!

So if you are someone that loved your Clarisonic I would highly recommend this to replace it!


This face wash is such a staple in my skincare routine. It comes with so much product it will last you forever! It is just such a great basic cleanser. It does a really good job at taking off your makeup and getting your skin really clean without stripping the oils from your face. I have an entire blog post dedicated to this cleanser, you can read it here. If you have been wanting to test out some FAB products they have amazing holiday kits right now! I got this one, it also comes with a full size face wash!


I have recently fallen in LOVE with makeup erasers! I was always very hesitant about them because they seemed so expensive, but let me tell you they are worth every penny! I don’t know how these work so well but they get every ounce of makeup off your face! I love the mini sized ones, they come in packs of 7. I use one a day then toss it in with my laundry! I couldn’t recommend these enough! I talk about them more in my August Favorites post.


This is one my favorite toners! It has 10% glycolic acid that helps smooth and refine your skin! I love using AHA’s in my skincare routine and this is such an easy way to incorporate it. My skin feel so smooth and my breakouts shrink when I use this consistently. If you struggle with acne I would highly recommend adding this into your skincare routine!


Speaking of AHA’s this is one of the best serums I have ever used. It helps to resurface, hydrate, and clarify dull skin. This serum is formulated with 14% AHA/BHA/Gentle flower acid blend. This serum feels so luxurious and really makes a difference in your skin!


I truly think anyone and everyone needs to be using a retinol in their skincare routine! It is one of the best anti aging products as well as an amazing product for acne! It helps promote clearer skin as well by targeting the appearance of pores and fine lines. Dr Dennis Gross recently reformulated this product, I had been using it before they did and I have loved both formulas! It is on the pricy side but retinol is one the best things you can use on your skin!


This is eye cream is one of the best I have tried. It is a thick cream that makes your under eye feel so hydrated! I love that is contains retinol and Niacinamide to help target fine lines and wrinkles. And not to mention it has the cutest packaging!


This is a product I reviewed over on my Instagram during the summer and I still am loving this face cream! I love that it contains BHA so it helps keep your skin clear as well as keeping your skin hydrated! You can see my full review here.


I don’t know what took me so long to try this but I am hooked. This is one of the best sunscreens I have ever tried. I can’t believe how dewy it makes your skin look! It gives you the most beautiful glow and also protects your skin from the sun! If you don’t like wearing foundation everyday I would highly recommend testing this out as the last step in your skincare routine! I seriously am so obsessed with this sunscreen!


These don’t really fit in either of these categories but are some of my favorites so I thought I would mention them

Slip Pillowcases (read my review here)

Slip Scrunchies

Color Wow Hair Care (check out my favs here)

Necessiare Body Oil

Gisou Hair Perfume

I know this was the longest blog post ever but I just have so many favorites I’ve wanted to share! I love seeing everyones Sephora picks during the sale, it’s such a fun way to find new products to test out! Let me know if you try any of these products or let me know in the comments what you are picking up during the Sephora sale!









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