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24 Hours in Seattle

A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend and I went on a spontaneous trip to Seattle. We both have never been there and we didn’t have anything planned like literally, nothing planned. (which is so unlike me) We landed in Seattle pretty early that morning and found a hotel called Hotel 5, it was the cutest hotel! The best part, it’s so close to everything. We walked everywhere we went that day. We knew we wanted to go to Pike Place Market so I started looking up the best things to do there. I found this map that shows where everything is.

Pike Place Map Seattle

Found the map on www.ontheworldmap.com

We started wandering around the first level of the market and they had everything you could imagine. Jewelry, souvenirs, candles, food, and the most amaaaaazing bouquets of flowers I have ever seen. If I wasn’t there for one day I would’ve bought so many flowers!

Public Market Seattle

Market Seattle


For lunch, I found “Beechers Handmade Cheese” the best Mac and cheese I have ever had. It’s right across the street from the main part of the market. The inside of the shop is all glass so while you are eating you can watch them make the cheese. Highly recommend if you’re a cheese lover. Greg wanted chowder for lunch, he ate at Pike Place Chowder and he really liked it!

Beechers Mac and cheese Seattle


After lunch we kept wandering around the market, there are so many levels and different things to see like, all the fish, vegetables, and little shops. Eventually, we made it down to the gum wall, which is more of a gum alley lol.

Gum Wall Seattle



Gum Wall Seattle

Gum Wall Seattle

The original Starbucks is right across the street from Pike Place, normally there’s a huge line and you have to wait forever to go in. We went around 4 pm and there was literally no one, so we went right in. We aren’t coffee drinkers, but it was cool to be able to just walk right in and get a hot chocolate. They have a bunch of souvenirs that would be fun for Starbucks lovers.

Original Starbucks Seattle

Top Pot Coffee Shop

For dinner that night we went to Meekong Bar, I got the vegetarian pho and it was reallllly good. Definitely recommend. In the morning we walked to Top Pot, a coffee/donut shop right next to our hotel. They had so many unique donut flavors! And that pretty much wraps up my 24 hours in Seattle! We spent the next couples days doing a road trip through Washington, a post on that will be up soon!

Things we wanted to do but ran out of time.

Space Needle

Museum of Pop Culture

The Crumpet Shop

City Fish Co

World Spice Merchants

Chukar Cherries

Indi Chocolate



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