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Rare Beauty Find Comfort Collection

Rare Beauty recently launched a whole new range of products, body care products called the Find Comfort collection! I for one love that this did this and I feel that it fits perfectly with the brand and everything they stand for! The Find Comfort collection includes lotions, fragrance, candles and even an aromatherapy pen!

One of the things I loved about this launch is they launched the comfort club as well. It is a section on their website that has free resources for meditation, breathwork, yoga and so much more.

Every launch from rare beauty just feels super authentic and is created with the best interest of the customer in mind. It never feels like they are pushing products or overconsumption to their audience. I also love the positive message behind every single launch. The Find Comfort collection is to help promote self care and relaxation, and I feel that it does just that!

I was lucky enough to get sent the whole collection so I wanted to share my thoughts on each product!

The entire collection has the same fragrance notes (except for the aromatherapy pen) here is a breakdown of the scent!

Fragrance notes:
Top: lemon zest, rhubarb, pomelo 
Mid: jasmine petals, violet, black tea extract 
Dry: vetiver, tonka beans, cashmere wood

Find Comfort Hydrating Hand Cream | $18

This is one of the most unique hand creams I have ever tried. There’s so much thought that went into each detail of this product. They created the lotion to be a twist top so you never have to worry about losing the lid. And the unique shape of the bottle was created to double as a hand massager!

As far as the formula goes it is so good! It’s really lightweight yet extremely hydrating at the same time. It includes antioxidants like niacinamide, peach flower extract, and ashwaganda extract to help hydrate your hands. It also absorbs quickly into your skin so you aren’t left with a greasy mess! The scent is also really light but still smells very calming and cozy. If you are sensitive to smells I feel that you would be fine with this scent!

Find Comfort Hydrating Body Lotion | $28

Even though this is a different product my thoughts about it are basically the same as the hand lotion. The formula feels a little thinner than the hand cream in a good way. It provides 24 hour hydration while absorbing into the skin quickly to avoid any of that greasy lotion feel.

This lotion has the same nourishing ingredients and scent as the hand lotion! Selena Gomez says “I love how this body lotion hugs your skin in hydration and softness all day. It has a light, refreshing scent that just makes you feel good.” and that is the perfect way to sum up the scent and feel of these lotions!

Find Comfort Body & Hair Fragrance Mist | $28

This is the first fragrance from rare beauty and let me tell you it does not disappoint! This isn’t like your typical perfume. It sprays out as an extremely fine almost cloud like mist, that makes you feel refreshed without smelling like you are wearing a ton of perfume. The scent is light yet impactful. Like I had said about the lotion, if you are sensitive to most perfumes I feel like this is for you! It also layers really well with other fragrances if you like a stronger scent.

The Fragrance Mist is meant for your body and hair! Along with the key ingredients of the other products the mist also contains biotin to help moisturize and strengthen your hair!

A fun little fact about the fragrance is it comes in a 360 bottle so you can spray it upside down, sideways, and basically any direction!

Find Comfort Stop & Soothe Aromatherapy Pen | $20

For me this is my favorite product of the collection, it is super unique and actually works! This pen goes with me in my purse everywhere I go. I deal with anxiety and I find that certain scents help calm my mind down. I used to use essential oils but now I just use this! It is a lot more convenient and I love the blend of scents!

The pen is made with a natural blend of peppermint, lavender, and tonka bean aromatherapy oils that help you relax and destress. The pen is super easy to use, it is leakproof (another reason why this is better than essential oils!) you just click to release the gel and it gives you the perfect amount of product. Just like the hand lotion the bottle also acts as a tool to massage the product in. Rare Beauty recommends massaging the product into temples, back of the neck, & behind ears to help soothe and relax.

Overall I think this collection is definitely worth the hype. It doesn’t feel like they just put a label on a lotion and called it a day. You can tell so much thought went into every detail from the scent, to the packaging, and the formula. I truly love every product and now use them in my daily life. You can pick up all four products in the collection for under $100, which I feel is unheard of these days! I feel like each product is very reasonably priced.

I truly don’t think there’s a bad rare beauty product out there! So if you are wanting some new body care products I would highly recommend checking these out!

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