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OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Review

After doing my post on my holy grail hair products I wanted to do a post reviewing a more affordable drugstore option. I’ve been using this line from OGX consistently for about a month now and I am really impressed with how these hold up compared to my salon products!

ogx hair oil

OGX Renewing Argan Oil Of Morocco Penetrating Oil | $8.99

I wasn’t so sure I was going to love this because I was worried it was going to be too heavy on my hair. But I was completely wrong, this oil is amazing! It is my favorite out of the argan oil collection. It doesn’t feel greasy or heavy on my hair at all. I’ve been using this as the last step after I wash my hair. I’ll put in my detangler, leave-in conditioner, then a little bit of this oil. It makes your hair feel so soft! This is also great to apply when your hair feels dry. I like to apply a little to my ends on day two hair.

This oil helps renew your hair’s cell structure, seals in shine, and makes your hair even softer. Argan oil is supposed to help protect our hair from heat and UV damage.


Extra Strength Argan Oil Of Morocco Hair Mask | $8.99

Everybody needs to incorporate a moisturizing hair mask into their hair care routine and this is a great inexpensive option. I typically only use this once a week so you’ll get tons of use out of this jar. This specific hair mask is targeted towards anyone with dry and damaged hair. It uses argan oil and silk proteins to soften your hair and add hydration. The directions say you can also apply this to dry hair (sparingly) to add extra hydration.


Extra Strength Argan Oil Of Morocco Shampoo | $8.99

Just like with the other products this shampoo uses argan oil and silk proteins to strengthen your hair and make it softer. I really like this shampoo because a lot of the time hydrating shampoos are way too heavy for my hair. I will end up with a weird coating on my hair but I have never noticed that with shampoo. It lathers really well and my hair doesn’t get weighed down.

ogx line

Extra Strength Argan Oil Of Morocco Conditioner | $8.99

If you have dry, split ends this will be a great conditioner for you! It’s not as intense as the hair mask but this conditioner leaves your hair feeling so soft and shiny. I notice when I use this conditioner my waves dry a lot less frizzy!


Overall I really do like the Argan oil of Morocco line, I’m definitely impressed with how well this works for a drugstore brand. It does exactly what it says it’ll do and it has a great price! What are some of your favorite hair products from the drugstore?

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