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My Holy Grail Products of 2019

2019 products

Nurse Jamie Roller |$69

I love to use this at night after I do my skincare routine. My face gets really swollen from my sinuses so this helps take down my swelling. It also helps with dullness, uneven texture, fine lines, and wrinkles. One of my favorite ways to use this is when I have a sheet mask on. After the mask has been on for a while I’ll use the roller to massage the rest of the product into my skin.


Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette | $39

I think everyone has this palette by now, but I just had to add this one to my list for 2019 because it literally is the palette I use every single day. I honestly could throw out the rest of my palettes because I keep going back to this one. It has so many great neutral shades that blend together so well! I also love all the red tones this palette has. The second shade in on the top row is by far my favorite shade, I use this as my inner corner highlight!


Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask | $22

I feel like I’m a broken record because I talk about this mask so much, but it really is my favorite product! This was probably the thing I used the most in 2019. I use it religiously every night. And it keeps your lips so soft and is a lifesaver during the winter! I can honestly tell a difference in the morning when I forget to use this. If you are a matte lipstick wearer this product will be a gamechanger. My lips tend to get really dry when I wear lipstick multiple days in a row, but when I use this at night I can wear lipstick every day!


Instanatural Rosehip Oil | $25

I don’t know what I would do without this in my skincare routine. I’ve used this specific rosehip oil for years. I’ve tried sooo many different brands and this is the only one that works for me. Other brands have made me break out or I just didn’t notice a difference in my skin. This is also one of the best deals I have seen for rosehip oil, you get 4 oz for $25 and this bottle will literally last me an entire year. They have a smaller size on the website you can get to try it out. If you have acne-prone skin you need to add rosehip oil into your skincare routine.  It helps with acne scars, stretch marks, and wrinkles.


Slip Silk Pillowcase | $85-105

I’m someone who has very long, dry hair. So when I try to go multiple days without washing it my hair gets so tangled and unmanageable. This pillowcase really helps because my hair doesn’t get so tangled and dry throughout the night. Another thing I love about silk pillowcases is that it absorbs less of your face products than regular pillowcases. I’ve noticed I don’t get a sleep crease when I sleep on my silk pillowcase, which over time is what causes wrinkles.


Loreal Lash Paradise Mascara | $9.97

This is by far the BEST mascara I have ever used! This mascara makes your lashes so long and doesn’t get clumpy. There are some mascaras that you have to really spend your time putting on so it doesn’t get clumpy or get all over your face. This is not one of them, I’ll put this on when I’m in a rush and it looks the same as when I spend a lot of time on my mascara.


Heated Lash Curler | $25.99

On the topic of mascara, this with the lash paradise mascara will make your lashes look amazing! I’m not the person that uses a lash curler, I’ve always had pretty good lashes so mascara is usually just enough for me. But I got sent this heated lash curler and oh my gosh it is the best! I run it through my lashes after I’ve finished my mascara and it makes my lashes look so good! They’ve never looked so full and long!


Shae Moisture Lotion | $10.99

This lotion randomly got sent to me earlier this year and I had never heard of this brand before. I honestly was just like ok, another body lotion but I put it in my vanity and started using it at night before bed. This is now my favorite lotion! I feel like it’s hard to actually be impressed by a body lotion because of how many there are out there but I love this one so much. It is so moisturizing and the scent is so subtle. I have the raw shea butter hydrating lotion, but I was looking through their website and they have so many different kinds. I can’t wait to try out more of their products!


Lush Dry Shampoo | $8.95

This dry shampoo is one of my holy grail products. I have a really hard time going multiple days without washing my hair. I’m so jealous of people that can go longer than three days without washing! I feel like I’m on a constant search for the best dry shampoo, but I always come back to the Lush Dry Shampoo. It’s definitely not the easiest dry shampoo to apply since it is a powder, but I put up with the mess because it makes my hair look so good! I apply it at night before I go to bed and by the morning my hair looks like I just washed it. I wouldn’t apply this dry shampoo in the morning, it looks better when you sleep on it to let it absorb the oils in your hair.


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