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My Go To Summer Tanning Products

I know I’m not the only one that’s obsessed with being tan in the summer. I don’t always love laying out in the sun so I have found a mix of sun and sunless products to keep you nice and bronzed all summer long!

Face Tan Water | $29.95

This has become one of my holy grail products, I used to never tan my face because I would get nervous about the products breaking me out. I’m so glad I took the chance and tried this because I feel like it makes my skin so much better. It feels like a toner when you apply it and the next morning my skin feels so much tighter. This gives you a great natural glow, you don’t end up orange, it’s a very gradual tan.

Bali Body’s face tan water has sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), jojoba oil, and rose water. I love that this product actually contains ingredients that help your skin. Hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil are super hydrating, which is great for when you’re applying self-tanner because it helps you not get dry patches.


Self Tanning Mousse | $29.95

I’ve talked about the ultra-dark tanning mousse before on my blog but I wanted to talk bout the dark shade because it such a great color! If you are on the fair side and you want a natural looking tan I would go with this color vs the ultra dark. I found myself reaching more for this color during winter/spring because when I’m paler this gives me a more natural shade. The ultra-dark is going to be the perfect shade for this summer!

The two shades are the exact same formula and I haven’t found any differences in the application, I just wanted to mention how much I’ve loved the lighter shade during the winter months.

Luxe Tanning Mitt | $12.95

This is by far the best tanning mitt I have ever used. The ones I have used in the past have been more of a sponge where this one is a velvety fabric. It applies tanner like a dream! I don’t have any issues with streaks with this mitt and I feel like it absorbs less product than my other ones.


Tanning Oil | $22.95

They have many different scents including Grape, Watermelon, Peach, Cacao, Pineapple, and they also have a natural scent. Each scent also comes in different SPF. Ranging from 0, 6, and 15 SPF

I’ve never really used tanning oils so I was a little hesitant because I typically don’t love tanning in the sun. The minute I used these I immediately fell in love. I’ve gotten such a great color from using this, zero burning just a great tan. I always make sure I use the SPF 15, and I’ll even put a higher SPF sunscreen on before I use them.

Those are all of my summer tanning go to products! What is your favorite from Bali Body?


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