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My Favorite Way to Wear A Blazer

Blazer graphic

I’m not one to wear blazers, because I literally live in workout clothes and t-shirts. But one of my favorite trends has been casual outfits with a blazer. I love how you can wear them with denim, biker shorts, and they are perfect for layering in the summer. I bought this white one from Forever 21 a few months ago for 20 dollars, it is such good quality and was so cheap. You never know what you’re going to get quality wise when you’re shopping at Forever 21, but I’m always impressed with their Forever 21 Contemporary line, which is what line this blazer is.

I’ve also found trendy ones on Amazon for super cheap (like this snakeskin one, I wear it all the time!) I don’t love spending a ton of money on things that aren’t going to be in style for a long time, so Amazon is usually my go to.

On another note here’s a little money saving Levi’s hack for you, I got my shorts for 7 dollars! I saw one’s online for over $120 and I refuse to pay that for shorts. I went to the Levi’s outlet store and went to the clearance rack and bought a pair of jeans for $7, they weren’t the cutest jeans but I chopped them into shorts and they now look just like the ones I linked!

Outfit Details



All pictures were taken by @capturedbyabbey





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