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My 23rd Birthday & A look Back at the Past Year


Last week was my 23rd birthday! We went down to Newport Beach an had the best couple days sitting on the beach doing nothing! That’s the best kind of birthday in my opinion!

It’s a crazy feeling to look back at your life one year ago and see how much has changed and how different life is. Birthdays are a time I do this a lot. My life has drastically changed from 22 to 23, I would say this has been the craziest year of my life so far. If I saw a glimpse of my life now on my 22nd birthday I wouldn’t have believed myself!

Here are some of the big events that happened while I was 22


Learned how to Make Candles

I learned how to make candles and started an Etsy account to sell a Christmas candle collection. It was super successful and I hope to keep making candles in the future.


Traveled Somewhere New

Greg and I went to Seattle and Forks Washington. It was our first real vacation together and we had the best time! We also got to travel somewhere that neither of us has been, which is crazy because Greg has been literally everywhere!


Got Engaged – December 22, 2018

I knew we were going to be getting engaged soon but I was not expecting it when it actually happened! While I was getting ready that morning Greg called me and told me he was coming to pick me up and we were going to see his family’s cows but I had to hurry because he was almost at my house.  I threw on the first outfit I could find and hurried out the door. (Side note – Cows are my favorite animal so that’s the reasoning behind the cows lol) Once we got to the cows we had to ride on this hay trailer all the way out to the field to “feed” the animals. It took forever to get to the field and I was freeeezing. I remember when we finally got there I was so annoyed that I was going to have wait for them to feed the animals, but then I look over and Greg was on one knee and he proposed! It was so perfect because he totally surprised me! If he tried to do anything big or fancy I would’ve known in two seconds! He definitely knows me too well lol.


Got Married – May 10, 2019

Greg and I got married on our 6 year anniversary! It was seriously the best day! I am going to do a post all about our wedding but it was my favorite day!


Moved to Los Angeles

 This was probably the biggest change this year. I’ve lived in Utah my whole life and lived with my family up until we got married. So not only was I moving in with Greg but I was moving states and leaving my entire family. Moving here was a hard adjustment and took awhile to get used to it but I love living here and I’m so happy to be so close to the beach!

Started a Blog

I’ve had a blog on and off since I was 18, but never stuck it out. I’ve had so much fun blogging and I’m excited to work on it more during this year!

The past few weeks before my birthday Greg and I have made a huge effort to better ourselves and make new habits to help us grow into the people we want to be. I feel like this is the perfect time to turn a new age and to start off 23 with new goals, aspirations, and better habits. One of my biggest goals with this blog is to make it so much more than just makeup and fashion. I want this to be a place that I can share my life and hopefully help inspire people to be their best self. Whether that’s a product that helps someone feel good about themselves or a book that inspired me, I want to share more about my life and how we can better ourselves.

With that said I’m so excited about this upcoming year and to continue to share my life and my favorite beauty/fashion finds on my blog!


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