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I feel like I always market myself as a beauty and lifestyle page, but sometimes the beauty gets 100% and I forget to share more of my life along with it. I really want to make my content a little more casual and share more about my life! I’ve had a lot of things change the past few months so I wanted to document it all through this blog post!

First off the biggest change is I’ve moved to the beach!!

This has been such an exciting move and I still don’t quite believe it’s real. I remember in high school I wrote down this huge “bucket list” which was more of a vision board as I’m looking back on it. And one of the top things was to move to Newport Beach. I’ll insert a picture if I can find my list! And here I am sitting in my new place in Newport! As the years have gone on I have noticed so many things on that list have been happening. It really is true that what you put into the universe comes true!

In the beginning of May our lease in LA was up so we put all of our things in storage and headed to Utah for a few months. Both of our families live there so we decided to spend the summer at home with our family! It was such an amazing summer. I’ll insert some pictures of our adventures!


Since moving in May you might have noticed how sporadic my content became. I feel like right before I moved I was really starting to get into a good schedule with my posting and staying consistent. But moving and having 90% of my stuff in storage it became really hard to shoot content. But now that I’m all settled and have all of my stuff back I’m finally ready to get back into blogging + content creating 100%.

I wanted to share what my plan is in terms of posting so you know what to expect from me. And in all honestly to hopefully keep me accountable.

Starting in September I’m planning on posting

– 3 photos and 3 reels a week to Instagram

– 3 TikToks a week

– 1-2 Blog Posts a week

– 1-2 Youtube Videos a week

I also am planning on sharing as much of the behind the scenes of my micro-influencing journey as I can because I love seeing what other influencers do and seeing what works for them. So since I still am new to this and I don’t have a huge following I think it would be really cool to show that!

I’m still planning on posting mostly beauty and fashion content. But I want to incorporate more of my daily life into it as well! Since I live at the beach now a lot of my content is probably going to incorporate that instead of the usual LA/City content. Which in all honesty feels way more like me!

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately! Be sure to follow all of my socials! I’ll have them linked at the bottom of the post, to keep up on all of my posts!

 Instagram | TikTok | Youtube


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