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How to get Fake Freckles Using Freck Beauty

Fake Freckles


I’ve been trying for years to find the perfect eyeliner to create fake freckles with and never could find the right color until I found Freck Beauty. They have a product that gives you the perfect, natural-looking freckles. This has been one of my favorite products to use this summer!

They make two different colors the Freck XL is their light-medium shade, which is the one I use. They also have one called Freck Noir which is their medium-dark shade. These are on the pricier side, they are $28 a bottle. But for how well these work I think they are worth it! They also have a mini size for $22 if you don’t want to commit to the full size.


I love using these with my everyday makeup routine and even just on no makeup days on top of my skincare. The best way to use these is to make a few dots then “copy and paste” the freckles with your finger to blend them and create more on your face. The key is to just do a few at a time, if you let it dry down too much it won’t blend into your skin.

If you want to see a visual of how I apply the freckles and see my first impressions you can watch my YouTube video linked below.



Overall I love these products so much and would highly recommend them. They definitely take a little practice to get right but once you figure it out they are amazing! I also have been testing out their toner and moisturizer and I love those as well! And their skincare has the cutest packaging and looks so cute on your vanity. I am so impressed with this brand and can’t wait to see what else they come up with!

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