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How to Create A Photo Wall for Free

photo wall featured

I’ve been obsessed with all the photo walls I’ve been seeing, but they all have been so expensive. I’ve been redecorating my makeup corner and I thought a photo wall would be perfect on one of the walls. Keep on reading to see how I created this photo wall for basically free.

Getting the Pictures

The first thing I did was go on Pinterest and create a board with everything that inspires me. I wanted to go for a lighter, baby pink vibe. If you want to use the same pictures I did here’s the link to my Pinterest board, be sure to follow me while you’re at it! If you’re creating your own board be sure to add quotes, your own photos, anything that inspires you, and backgrounds that can be hung up horizontal or vertical. There will be times where you end up with a weird amount of space that the horizontal ones will come in handy.

photo wall

Ordering the Photos

I know ordering pictures can get expensive. I found when you download the Shutterfly app you get free 4×6 and 4×4 photos. This was one of the easiest experiences I’ve had uploading photos to order. I organized the photos into two folders on my phone, one for the 4×6 photos and one for the 4×4 photos just to make it easier when uploading to the app. I did a good mix of the sizes just to give it some variety when I hung up the photos. These are smaller sized photos but if you’re doing a smaller wall they’ll work perfectly! When you order on the Shutterfly app you only have to pay for shipping! The shipping equals about 10 cents per photo.

Hanging the Photos

This part is pretty self-explanatory, but once I got the photos  I went through and picked my favorites that I knew for sure I would want on the wall. I then started with one corner of my wall and just went across. I ended up with a huge pile on my desk that I would hold up to the wall to make sure I liked it then I just used double-sided tape to hang them up!


Here’s how mine turned out



The photo wall has made my little makeup corner so much more fun and added more of my personality to my room. If you do a photo wall tag me on Instagram so I can see!


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