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Glossier – What’s Actually Worth Buying

Glossier Products

Glossier has slowly become one of my favorite brands. They have such unique products and branding. I’m definitely more into full glam makeup, but Glossier is a great brand to use when you want to go for a more natural look. I was always very hesitant to spend money on their products because first, they aren’t the cheapest brand and second I wasn’t into the sheer coverage a lot of their products have. I’ve seen plenty of videos on youtube where people just write off the whole brand, but Glossier really does have some hidden gems. Here are my top Glossier picks!

Boy Brow | $16

Comes in 4 shades – Clear, Brown, Blond, and Black.

If you’re going to try anything from this brand, try this one! Boy brow is the best brow gel I have ever tried. I love how the product fluffs your brows and fills in the sparse spots. It has a waxy formula to help your brows stay all day, but my brows have never felt crunchy while I’ve used it. It’s not going to fill them in the same way a pencil would, but it makes your brows look naturally filled in.

Stretch Concealer | $18

Comes in 12 shades

 I was super hesitant to try this because I have heard their foundation has zero coverage so I always assumed their concealer was going to be the same way, but I was definitely wrong. It’s no shape tape coverage, but when you apply this it makes your skin look 10x brighter and covers dark circles while looking like it’s just your skin. I normally apply this with just my finger and blend it that way, I feel like it works better that way. It is the perfect under-eye concealer for every day, or for a more natural look.

Wowder | $22

Comes in 5 shades

 Just like the concealer, this is my go-to powder for my more natural days when I don’t want to look like I’m wearing a ton of makeup. I have mostly dry skin, but it can get oily by the end of the day. This powder will keep my makeup put all day but it gives it a perfect dewy natural finish as the day goes on, I never feel oily or greasy. The powder container has a little “trampoline net” and I love it. I wish this is how all my powders were. I put my brush on it and it dispenses the powder, but never overloads it.

Lip gloss – $14

This is the shiniest lip gloss you will ever find. They describe it on the website as crystal clear shine, which is exactly what it is. I’ve tried quite a few clear glosses that are cheaper but this one blows the rest out of the water. It’s not sticky, hydrates your lips (has Vitamin E), and it lasts until I eat or drink. They also just released 2 new shades, sheer red and holographic.

Lash Slick Mascara – $16

I’ve gone through so many tubes of this mascara, it is in my top 3 all-time favorite mascaras. I never have any issues with flaking or smudging with this mascara. You also don’t need a million coats, so it’s a super-fast application and your lashes stay put all day. I love this formula because it keeps your lashes separated and it never gets clumpy. It’s not waterproof but they claim it’s water-resistant.


Those are my top 5 favorite products from Glossier! I love finding unique products and I think Glossier has some of the coolest products. Besides makeup, they have awesome skincare! I love the Priming Moisturizer and their Sunscreen. What are some of your favorites and least favorites from Glossier?


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