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Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Foundation Review


Ever since corona started I haven’t been wearing a ton of makeup because I’ve been home more and having to wear a mask. Because of that, I’ve been mostly wearing bb creams or tinted moisturizers. That’s why I was so excited to try out this new foundation from Giorgio Armani because of how lightweight it is.

The Neo Nude Foundation comes in 24 shades. One of them being shade 0, which is a white shade that can be used as a mixer in your foundation to add brightness. You can also use it as a sparkle free highlight. You get 1.1 oz of product and it is $40. I think this is a great price point compared to their other makeup products. I have been using shade 5, I honestly could’ve gone a little bit darker but I think shade 5 will be perfect for me in the winter.

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ga foundation

The Formula

This foundation is described as a lightweight skincare infused foundation. Its formulated with Hyaluronic acid and glycerin which help keep your skin hydrated. This formula is meant to keep your skin hydrated all day and avoid getting cakey.

┬áIt is light coverage but buildable. It’s meant to be a no-makeup foundation.

How it Wears/Applies

Lately, my skin has been on the drier side so this foundation is exactly what I needed. I’ve found that it is super hydrating but doesn’t leave your skin oily at all. It gives your skin a dewy finish, which I love. My favorite way to apply this foundation is with my hands. I’ve found with lighter coverage foundations applying it with your fingers gives you the best coverage. The coverage definitely is light, you’re still going to see some of your imperfections through the foundation.

I’ve been setting this foundation with a little bit of my Glossier Wowder and it lasts me all day. I’ve had no issues with the product separating. As the day goes on you tend to get a little bit dewier. Not in a bad way, just mentioning it because if you have oily skin I could see this being a little too dewy. But for someone who has dry skin, it is the perfect finish!

I would give this foundation an 8/10. I took a few off because they say any skin type can use this product, but anyone that has oily skin probably isn’t going to love this product. This will most likely be too oily for most people after wearing it for a few hours. Other than that I have no complaints. I loved the finish, how it wore, the coverage, and the ingredients.

Have you tried the Neo Nude foundation? What were your thoughts?

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