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Get Glowing Skin with the New Bali Body Illuminators

If you are looking for a way to get a natural looking glow, look no further than the new illuminating products from Bali Body. They recently just launched two new products – a Bronzing Serum and a Body highlighter. They are meant to give your skin a warm bronzed glow.

Bronzing Serum | $29.95

The bronzing serum is a hydrating serum that contains anti-aging ingredients as well as giving you a bronzed tint. The serum contains ingredients such as Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, White Tea, Vitamin E, Grapeseed Oil and Camellia Tea Oil. You can apply this anywhere on your body, but I typically use this just for my face. I have a lot of no makeup days especially during the summer months. So I love having a product that I can just apply onto my skin and it leaves it glowing!

I have found a few different ways I like to use the Bronzing Serum!

Directly onto Your Skin

One of the main ways Bali Body recommends using the serum is applying directly onto your skin to give you the darkest glow. If I’m using just the serum I will use a clean makeup brush to blend it right into my skin. This is a perfect technique for no makeup days during the summer when you already have a natural tan, it gives your skin the most beautiful natural looking glow.

Mixed with Moisturizer

If you want a little more of a subtle glow mixing a little drop of the bronzing serum with your face moisturizer is the perfect way to get a more natural glow for no makeup days! This is also a great way to apply it if you want to wear it under your foundation.

Mixed into Foundation

That takes me right into my next technique, mixing it into your foundation! I love love love mixing dewy products into my foundation to give them more of a dewy finish. It makes your foundation look less like makeup and more like your skin. And this is the perfect product to mix into your foundation! You get the coverage along with an all over glow.


Another simple way you can use this product is as a highlighter on top of your makeup. It looks beautiful on your cheekbones, up the bridge of your nose or on your cupids bow. A little bit goes a long way when using it as a highlighter so just keep that in mind!


I know during the summer months this is going to be one of my most reached for products as part of my quick easy no makeup routine!

Body Highlighter | $24.95

This is a similar product to the bronzing serum, but this one is meant for your body. This adds a beautiful blurring effect to your skin as well a bronzed shimmer. I am so obsessed with this product! It adds the perfect amount of color to your skin, giving it the perfect sun kissed look! So if you don’t have any tan it will give you a little bit of color, which I love! I’ve added a little before and after below!

body highlighter before and after

One of my favorite things about this product is how fast it dries down, almost immediately after I apply it, it’s dry. I’ve never tried a product that dries so fast and feels like I have nothing on my skin!

As far as the glitter goes it has little tiny flecks of glitter that look so beautiful! I don’t like products that leave these big chunks of glitter on your skin but these are so small the fine that it just has a shimmer that reflects on your skin.

This body highlighter is made with aloe vera, rosehip oil & caffeine extract to help hydrate your skin. One of my favorite ingredients of all time is rosehip oil so I love that it is included in their formula! This is definitely a product that can replace your body lotion in the morning because of how soft it leaves your skin.

The top swatch is the Body Highlighter & the bottom is is Bronzing Serum

Overall Thoughts

I have to say these are probably two of my favorite products that Bali Body have ever launched. I love how natural looking they are but while still adding a natural looking glow. You really get your money’s worth with these because of how multi use they are. These will definitely become staples in your skincare routines this upcoming summer!

If you want to see how these products apply be sure to check out my YouTube video below!

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