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Color Wow Haircare Haul + Review

As we all know by now I love trying new hair products, I recently found Color Wow on Instagram and I was so intrigued by their products. So I wanted to give you a little haul and review of the products I’ve tried!

Color Security Shampoo ($23) and Conditioner ($24)

This shampoo has no sulfates, silicones, or conditioning and thickening agents. Those are things that can dull color, weigh your hair down, and even lead to hair thinning. I love this shampoo because it leaves your hair feeling so clean and I love that it protects your color.

The Color Security Conditioner is similar to the shampoo in how it protects your color. The conditioner contains translucent ingredients that help detangle and smooth your hair without making your hair dull. It also contains their Sealicon Complex which leaves a high gloss finish on your hair.

I think this is a perfect shampoo + conditioner combo for anyone that struggles with their color fading. They are more expensive than your typical shampoo and conditioner, I think the price is really good compared to most salon products!

Dream Cocktail Coconut-Infused | $25

This is similar to a leave-in conditioner, you apply it to towel dry hair before styling. This product is activated by heat and it helps rebuild your hair to reverse the damage of coloring.

Our hair strands have an outer lipid layer which is what locks in moisture. Coloring and heat can damage this layer which is what causes our hair to be dry and dehydrated. This Coconut Cocktail is formulated to mimic this layer, when you blow-dry your hair it activates the formula and leaves your hair soft and hydrated.

Dream Coat | $28

This is the first product I saw that really intrigued me. It acts like a mini keratin treatment you can do at home. You spray it on towel-dried your hair as you blow-dry, I usually spray each section right before I blow dry it. It’s activated by heat and lasts for 3-4 washes. There’s a reason why this is a best-seller, it is such an amazing product! It keeps your hair so hydrated and it makes it feel like you got a professional blowout.

Extra Mist-ical Shine Spray | $29

I love using shine sprays, beach wave sprays, but they dry your hair out so much which makes it tangle so much faster throughout the day! This shine spray has been the only spray I’ve been using for a few weeks now and it hasn’t dried my hair out at all and it makes it so shiny and soft! It smells like the beach which makes it 10x better! This shine spray absorbs UV rays and releases full-spectrum white light which gives a spotlight effect on your hair.

I am so impressed by this brand, I seriously love every single product I’ve tried. They all feel luxurious and high quality. I also just recently learned that their creative director is Chris Appleton, who is one of my favorite hairstylists! What are your favorite products from Color Wow?


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