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Coco & Eve Self Tanner Review

I am a self tanning fanatic to say the least, I feel that I’ve tried almost every self tanner there is so I get so excited when I find a new one to try! I picked up a really fun set called the Tanning Goddess set from Coco & Eve, which comes with everything you need to get the most flawless tan! I’m going to break down the entire kit for you so if you are interest in their self tanner keep on reading!

Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam

Right off the bat I knew I was going to love this tanner for a few reasons. First because they have a clean formula! Second the smell!! The tan is mango and guava scented so you don’t get that gross self tan smell! It literally smells like you are on the beach when you have it on! I’ve never tried a tan that smells so good!

This is one of the easiest formulas to apply, it blends seamlessly into your skin and feels like you are applying a moisturizer. I has a great guide color to help you apply and know if you missed blending any areas. I picked up the Ultra Dark color and it was exactly that. It is made with a green-grey base so that you get no orange tones with the tan. One of the best things about this tan is it develops in just 2 hours! I like to leave mine on a little longer but it definitely does develop by the two hour mark.

I can’t say enough good things about this tan, I literally have zero complaints about this tan. It drys down fast (barely any sticky feeling), develops extremely fast, and gives you the most natural looking tan while using good ingredients! What more could you ask for? I will definitely be repurchasing this tan!


Once you have a great tanning formula you have to have the best tools to prep and apply your tan! The Tanning Goddess Set comes with all the tools you need to get the perfect application. It includes everything you need to exfoliate and apply!

Soft Velvet Tanning Mitt

After trying a bunch of different mitts I have found that velvet mitts are my absolute favorite. There’s something about the velvet that blends the tan perfectly! This mitt includes a protective lining inside to help prevent any tan getting on your hands. One of my favorite parts of the design of their mitt is it has an elastic band to help keep the mitt on your hand!

Deluxe Vegan Kabuki Self Tan Application Brush

I have been using a brush as the final step in my self tanning routine for years and I’m so excited to have a dedicated brush for tanning! I love to use a brush as the last step to ensure that my tan is completely blended in, I blend in circular motions all over my body and I am left with a perfect tan! You can also use this to apply self tanner to your face by using a pea size amount on the brush and applying it to your face.

Deluxe Body Exfoliation Mitt

Exfoliating before you self tan is the key to getting the perfect looking tan. And an exfoliating mitt is the perfect thing for that! They really help get all the dry patches of skin off so you can have a smooth tanning application. One of my favorite uses for exfoliating mitts are to remove old tans! When your tan starts to get patchy or fade just use the mitt in the shower and your tan will be gone!

Overall this is by far one of the BEST self tan formulas I have ever tried. I have never tried a formula that dries down this fast, within 20 minutes it is completely dry and has no sticky residue. And the fact that it actually smells good is enough to make it my new favorite formula! If you haven’t tried Coco and Eve’s self tanner I would highly recommend trying it!


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