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Chanel Rouge Coco Lip Gloss Review


This Chanel gloss isn’t normally an item I would buy myself, but if you’re looking for a way to treat yourself, this is a great way! I was a little skeptical about this gloss because I sometimes feel like designer makeup brands aren’t always as good as normal makeup brands but I actually love this lip gloss so much!

The Chanel lip glosses are $30 each and you get .19 oz. They have 31 shades available, so there’s one for everyone! There’s a great variety of ones with glitter, plain gloss and toppers. The glitter/shimmer ones are some of the best “glitter” lip glosses I’ve tried. They’re so subtle but add such a great shine to your lips.

The lip glosses are infused with Coconut Oil, Peptides, Vitamin E, ¬†and their exclusive Hyrdaboost complex which is supposed to help add moisture to your lips. These definitely are very moisturizing lip glosses, I’ve never had any issues with these drying out my lips.

One of my favorite parts about these glosses is the applicator, I’ve never used an applicator like this before. The curved side of the applicator is meant for the bottom lip to apply an even coat, and the rounded side is meant for the top so you can get a precise¬†application.


Here are the three shades that I have

Shade 774 – Excitation

This shade is one of their topcoats. It is a sheer gold glitter that layers on top of other lip colors. this one is also beautiful on its own.

Shade 722 – Noce Moscata

A semi-sheer shimmering neutral pink.

Shade 119 РBourgeoisie 

A medium pigment shimmer with gold flecks. This one is a lot more glittery than 722.



The next shades I want to try out are 792-Aphrodite and 818-Fraicheur. They are both a blue hue, one is just glossy and one is shimmer. I believe these are their clear glosses. They look so beautiful on the models, I had never thought of using a blue gloss, but it looks beautiful!

Overall I think these are great lip glosses but they definitely aren’t a necessity. There’s plenty of amazing lip glosses for a lot less. But they are a great way to treat yourself!


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