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Bali Body Self Tanning Milk

If you are an avid self tanner this new Self Tanning Milk from Bali Body is a product you are going to want to add to your routine this summer! It is a rinse-free, luminous milk that provides a deep golden glow naturally. This is a gradual and buildable tan that applies like a dreamy liquid moisturizer that gives you beautiful color while hydrating your skin at the same time. There’s hardly any dry time and you’ll see the results from this rinse free tan within 4-6 hours! 

You can find this new product on the Bali Body website HERE for $28.95

Keep on reading to learn more about this new Self Tanning Milk!


One of the big selling points for me was how this self tanning milk is formulated with 93% skincare ingredients so it is extremely hydrating! Some of the key ingredients are

4 levels of Hyaluronic Acid – gives you deep hydration which results in a longer lasting tan.

Ceramides – supports the skin barrier while also soothing the skin.

Vitamin C – One of the best anti-aging ingredients. Helps brighten your skin while helping to fade imperfections.

It is made in Australia with natural ingredients including 100% natural DHA while being Vegan and Cruelty-free. I love finding products that have multiple benefits like this because it really speeds up your routine. Having the 2-in-1 of the self tanner and hydrating skincare ingredients it eliminates the need to apply a body lotion and a tanner. Each bottle contains about 6-8 full body applications.


Out of the dozens of self tanning products I have tried this is by far the easiest I have ever used! This is the perfect product for tanning beginners! What makes this formula so easy to apply is it is a fluid-cream formulation that you apply with your hands. I love a tanning product that you don’t need a mitt for! You would apply it like you would your regular body lotion or oil! It glides right onto your skin and blends in seamlessly so you are left with a streak free tan.

I applied this like it was a body lotion to see if I would get any streaks and I had absolutely zero streaks! I seriously have never tried a formula that was this easy to apply! Just be sure to wash your hands after you finish applying it!

After 4-6 hours you’ll start to see the results from this tanning milk. It gives you the most natural looking tan while giving you great color! My husband made a comment to me the day after I used it that I had gotten so tan thinking it was from the sun! He was so surprised that it was a self tanner.

One of my biggest complaints with self-tanner in general is it feels like an all day chore most of the time. I have to make sure I’ll have 6 hours at home to let my tan develop and I just hate the sticky feeling that most tanners give you. This is where this formula really stands out from the rest is there is hardly any drying time. It takes the same amount of time to dry as a regular body lotion would! And the best part is you are not sticky and there is no transfer onto your clothes! I will continue to repurchase this just because of the fact that it isn’t sticky! Another big bonus with this formula is it doesn’t need to be rinsed off!


I’ve been testing this out for a few weeks now so I feel that I have a pretty good idea of how it wears after application. You definitely start to see results within a few hours. I really saw the best results with leaving it on for about 12 hours. I like to sleep in this one so I can let it develop for as long as possible before showering. Since it isn’t sticky it is really easy to sleep in and doesn’t cause any color transfer onto your bedding or clothes!

As the days go on and with showering it will slowly start to fade like any other self tanner would. What makes this different is there are no patches on your skin as it fades. There’s nothing more annoying than when your tan starts to get patchy and it becomes very obvious you have a fake tan on. It fades as a normal tan from the sun would! I have been reapplying after day 4 to just keep up the color and I am obsessed with the results from this! 

This can also be used as a tan extender. With how hydrating it is and how natural the color is it would be perfect to use to upkeep any other tans!


After testing this out for a few weeks it is safe to say I am obsessed! I honestly have no complaints about this product. What sold me was the drying time, the easy application and how it is not sticky in the slightest! I feel like it is very rare to come across a tanning product that has all 3 of those! 

I promise you will not be disappointed if you try out this self tanning milk!


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