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Bali Body Instant Tan – Your New Tanning Go To

 Bali Body just launched their Instant Tan. It is basically an Instagram filter in a bottle! Now that Summer is over we’re all starting to self tan again, and this product will be a game changer for you this Fall/Winter! Along with the Instant Tan they also launched a Body Blending Brush. I will have my YouTube review linked down below if you want to see the application process!

You can now shop both of these on the Bali Body website!

The Instant Tan is $24.95 and the Body Blending Brush is $21.95

Instant Tan | $24.95

This Instant Tan is an airbrush wash off formula. So when you apply it the tan will last until you shower! It gives you a beautiful bronzed look that also blurs blemishes and covers imperfections. You get a little over 3 oz of product in the can, which at first I thought wasn’t a lot of product. But as you apply it you realize that this can will last you a long time!

They have two shades, light-medium and medium-dark. I have been using the shade light-medium and on my skin it looks like the equivalent of their dark self tanning mousse. It gives your skin the perfect blurred, bronzed look.

Bali Body recommends spraying it directly onto your skin then blending it out with the brush. For me I switch between spraying it directly onto my skin and directly onto the brush, depending on where I’m applying it. When you’re applying it to your shoulders, back, and the back of your arms I find it so much easier to spray the product on the brush then blend it in. For larger areas like your legs and arms it’s a lot easier to spray directly onto your skin. One thing I noticed is you get a lot more coverage or blurring when you apply it right onto your skin. When you spray it on the brush you lose a little bit of the blurring effect. Not necessarily a bad thing just wanted to mention it!

The Formula

This formula is infused with Vitamin E to add extra moisture to your skin. They also use 100% natural DHA. It is made with no parabens or sulphates and is also vegan and cruelty free.

One of the concerns I had before I used this was how it would wear and if it would smudge on to my clothes and furniture. I can tell you right now this product does not budge. It is dry basically the second you blend it out, and does not smudge. It really feels like you have nothing on your skin, it has such a lightweight formula. When I got in the shower to rinse it off even the water doesn’t budge it. So if you are in the rain or snow it will not move the product at all. I had to scrub my body with soap and a loofah to get it to move! It is long lasting and really doesn’t have any self tan smell.

Bali Body blending brush

Body Blending Brush | $21.95

Years ago I used to use a big makeup brush to blend out my tan, so I am beyond excited to finally have an actual tanning brush! This brush blends everything out so well! It is packed with a lot of bristles but it is soft enough to really blend. I love how wide this brush is because you can really cover a lot of area with it! It can be used to blend the Instant Tan as well as all of their mousses.

If you are an avid tanner I would highly recommend adding this brush to your routine! It makes tanning so much easier because it really ensures that everything gets blended.

Overall Thoughts

I really think Bali Body knocked it out of the park with these products. I really like how this product gives you a tan instantly and there’s no wait time for the color to develop. It really did everything it said it would! I also love this brush and I am so excited to have this in my tanning routine! If you want to see how the product applies you can watch my YouTube video here.

If you are interested in any other Bali Body products I have tons of reviews of all their products on my blog, so be sure to check those out!


Shop my Bali Body favs here

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