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Bali Body Hydrating Sheet Mask

Bali Body just added a skincare necessity to their skincare range – it is a hydrating sheet mask! Sheet masks are my favorite type of face mask because they are easy to apply and there’s no mess when removing them! This face mask is infused with so many great ingredients to leave your skin glowing! I love any skincare product that helps hydrate my skin and leaves it dewy and luminous. If you love the same things in your skincare you are going to to want to check out this new face mask!

You can shop the new Hydrating Sheet Mask here!

What is in the Mask?

This is an extremely hydrating face mask so it is perfect for anyone with dry skin or for a day where your skin needs a little more moisture. It is packed with amazing ingredients your skin will love!

Some of the ingredients are

Hyaluronic Acid – Helps reduce the look of fine lines, helps retain moisture in the skin giving it a plumping effect, and helps increase skin cell production.

Hydrolyzed Collagen – Collagen helps improve hydration and elasticity in the skin and can also be anti-aging.

Niacinamide – This is one of my favorite skincare ingredients because it minimizes pore appearance, minimizes redness, and can help treat hyperpigmentaion.

This is the perfect mask for anyone that is looking to plump, brighten, or hydrate your skin. I think it is so important to remember to incorporate face masks into your skincare routine as they can really help with any issues you are having with your skin. I try to use one at least one a week. Whenever I’m needing some hydration in my skincare I reach for this Bali Body mask!

How the Mask Worked for Me

I have pretty normal skin but it does get dry every once and awhile. I originally tested out this mask on a day where I was wanting some more hydration and wow I definitely got it! One of the best parts of this mask is the actual sheet mask itself is very thick and really good quality. I find sometimes when the sheet mask is too thin it dries out too fast and you don’t get all the benefits of the mask.

I was so impressed with the formula because the serum is so thick and leaves your skin GLOWING! I’m not even joking when I say that my skin has never been so dewy! It left my skin feeling so hydrated and smooth! I personally love using this in the morning on days when I’m not going to be wearing makeup so my skin glows. This would also be a great base for makeup as well! If you are wanting to apply makeup after using this I would recommend giving your skin about an hour for the mask to soak into your skin.

When it comes to skincare you have to be really consistent to see results, so I haven’t noticed anything crazy change in my skin other than really soft dewy skin. But I know using this mask regularly would improve the look of my skin completely!

How to Use the Mask

One of the best things about sheet face masks is that they are super easy to apply and there is no mess or cleanup! You’re going to want to cleanse and dry your skin before you apply the mask. Leave it on for at least ten minutes and you’re done! After you remove the mask you can press or massage the remaining product into your face, neck, and chest. I love using one of my face rollers while I have the mask on and after to help massage the product into my skin!

Something I come across a lot is that sheet masks normally don’t fit or stay on my face very well. I love how Bali Body created this face mask to be extremely form fitting and stays on your face very well!

Overall I think this is a great face mask for anyone that has drier skin or anyone that is looking to give their skin a dewy glow! I love any little thing I can do to treat myself and a good face mask is one of those things! I am so happy with how this left my skin looking and I didn’t have any bad reactions or breakouts from the mask! If you are in the market for a new mask I would highly recommend trying this one out!

You can shop it now on the Bali Body website!

Let me know if you’ve tried this mask out and what your thoughts are in the comments!





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