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Bali Body Highlighter Sticks – Your New Summer Go To



Bali Body recently came out with highlighter sticks and I’m obsessed! They only have a few makeup products right now but I have loved every single one they’ve come out with! I hope they continue to come out with a larger range of cosmetics!


There are three shades of the Highlighter Sticks – Moonlit, Rose Gold, and Sunkissed. Each bottle comes with 0.13 oz of product and retail for $29.95. It’s a cream to matte formula and comes in a lip gloss tube, it’s the perfect size for travel! My favorite way to apply the highlighter is by putting some on the back of my hand and applying it with my finger or with my Morphe R36 brush. Even though it is a liquid highlighter I love that I can apply it like a powder one with no issues.

I’ve been testing these out for about two months and these are the perfect highlighters for summer. I haven’t been wearing a ton of makeup since we’ve been stuck at home but I’ve loved to use these when I’m not wearing foundation. It gives you a natural bronzed glow instead of looking like you put glitter all over your cheeks. They also blend so well with foundation. I usually don’t use liquid highlighters with foundation because I feel like it moves my makeup but I’ve had no issues at all.



The shades from top to bottom are

Moonlit – Soft shades of champagne & moonbeams for an ethereal glow.

Rose Gold – Warm rose tones add depth & radiance to all complexions.

Sunkissed – Deeper shades of bronze mimic rays of sunshine for a goddess like glow.



One of the best things about this product is that they can double as an eyeshadow. The colors are the perfect shades for summer. As you can tell from the swatches they initially go on very pigmented, which is great for using them as eyeshadow.

Even though there are only three shades, I feel like everyone can wear these shades. I’m pretty fair so Moonlit is the best highlight shade for me but I love to use Sunkissed and Rose Gold as eyeshadows.

Overall I have no complaints or issues with these highlighters and I would highly recommend them. I know I’m going to be using these all summer long!


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