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Bali Body Gradual Face Tan

If you self tan a lot this is a product you are going to need! I’m so excited about this new Bali Body product, it is a gradual face tan! I am obsessed with this because it’s a face moisturizer and gradual tanner all in one! I find it so much harder to tan my face compared to my body, I feel that I can never get it to be perfect or I get weird patches on the drier parts of my face. So I love that this is a gradual tan with a really hydrating base because then you never have those problems!

I love how I’m not going to have to mix my tanning drops with my moisturizer anymore! I always make a mess and turn my face creams orange. My favorite part about the design of the packaging is that it is a pump top! You don’t have to stick your fingers in the jar! It dispenses the perfect amount you need to cover your whole face!

The gradual face tan is $32.95 and you can purchase it here

The Ingredients

Bali Body really thought of everything to make this the perfect multitasking product. They included some amazing ingredients into this to make it a skincare product as well as a tanning product. This cream contains Aloe Vera Extract, Cacao Butter, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Natural DHA.

This is a great tanning product for anyone who has dry skin because of how hydrating all of the ingredients are. It is a really thick cream that makes your skin feels so soft. I know this is going to be my go to product for the winter months!

Bali Body gradual face tan

How it Applies and Wears

This is one of the easiest self tanners to apply. You pump the bottle, and it dispenses the perfect amount and you apply it like a regular moisturizer. I usually go in for a smaller second pump to blend it down my neck and into my hair line.

Bali Body recommends applying this every 1-2 days to keep up the tan. For me I started to really notice a color change after the second application. I did however noticed a subtle color difference after the first time I used it. You’re going to notice the most color when you keep up with the product and use it 3-4 times a week. If you’re curious how the color deepens every day I have a 7 day wear test coming to my YouTube channel soon!

One thing I love about gradual tanners is you don’t get the patchy tan when its fading. So the color will always look natural using this product!

Just like with every Bali Body review I do I am in love with the product! I seriously haven’t tried a product from Bali Body that I don’t love. They hands down make the best tanning products. I love this one because it just simplifies the tanning process and it’s super easy to add to your routine! This is also a great product for a tanning beginner.

You can watch my 7 day try on of the gradual face tan here

What are your favorite tanning products?

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