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Bali Body Clear Self Tanning Mousse

Today is the launch of a brand new tanning product from Bali Body! It is their Clear Self Tanning Mousse, this product is a clear water to foam formula. It is their most clean formula yet. You still get the same quality from Bali Body but with a more natural ingredient list. This formula is made with 100% natural DHA and contains no dyes, parabens, or sulfates. The key ingredients are Coffee Seed Extract, Coconut Oil, Pomegranate Extract, and Chamomile Extract.

You can shop the Clear Self Tanning Mousse on the Bali Body website for $28.95

Since this product is made with natural DHA it makes it the perfect product for anyone that has sensitive skin or has reactions to self-tanners. It is also great if you are trying to switch over to cleaner products.

The best part of this tan is that it has ZERO transfer! When you apply it it’s clear and does not transfer onto sheets or clothing! I had applied this and went and ran some errands and there was absolutely zero transfer onto my white leather seats in my car.  It makes it such a great product for when you don’t have time to rinse a tan.

How it Wears

This develops in 2-6 hours leaving a light, natural, streak-free tan. I didn’t have any issues with streaking with this formula. A little bit of mousse goes a long way with this product. It pumps out clear onto the mitt and blends right into your skin. It took about 20ish minutes for it to fully dry into my skin. I left it on for a little over 6 hours and was left with the tan in the picture above! My tan lasted for almost a week after I applied it.

I really didn’t notice any difference between the way this formula applies vs their regular formula. When this one is developing it tends to develop a little greener than the regular dark formula, but any green tint goes away right when you wash it off. I would compare the color to their dark tanning mousse.

I love that Bali Body is starting to expand the line. You now can truly find a tan that fits everyone’s needs. I have had zero issues with any of their products and would highly recommend all of them. I’m so glad they added a cleaner tan to their range that still gives you the Bali Body tan.

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