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Bali Body 1 Hour Express Tan

Today is the launch of Bali Body’s new product 1-hour express tan! I’m so excited they’ve added this product to their range. I love having a product I can hurry and use when I’m in a rush. It is the easiest tan to apply and develops within an hour.

You can shop the 1-hour express tan on the Bali Body website for $32.95. This tan is a foam instead of their normal mousse. I love the foam because it dries fast and doesn’t leave your skin sticky while you’re waiting for your tan to develop.

How to Use

You’ll want to use this the same way you use a normal self-tanner, you’ll want to exfoliate and moisturize and apply with a mitt. My go-to is the Bali Body mitt, it is velvety and blends your tan in perfectly. One thing I did notice is that since it is foam it dries a lot faster, so I tend to work on smaller sections. Instead of tanning my entire leg in one pass, I’ll tan my thigh then my calf. A great thing about this is it’s great for inexperienced tanners. After I use it I check to make sure there are no weird marks and if I find one I blend more of the product into it and it smooths out perfectly.

You can wash the tan off after just one hour or leave it on for 2-3 hours for a darker tan. Leaving it on for 1 hour I got more of a medium tan, but it looked really natural like I had been at the beach all day. A product like this is great for the winter months because it makes your skin look naturally tan. I find that sometimes in the winter when I use my self-tanners you can tell I used fake tan whereas with this it looks just like your skin!

When I wash the tan I make sure to just use warm water and I don’t srub with soap. After I get out of the shower I pat my skin dry.

How It Wears

The first time I tried this product I left it on for an hour exactly to see how well the color would develop. If you want to see more of those results you can watch my Youtube video at the bottom of the blog post. But leaving it on for an hour exactly gave me such a great natural looking tan. A few days after that initial application I put on another coat of the tan and I was shocked by how dark I got. It was the same shade as their normal mousse. I wasn’t expecting it to ever be that dark because it’s a 1 hour tan, but it made me so tan! So I would recommend using it for two days in a row for your initial application to really build the color.

Overall Review

I think this is the perfect lazy girl self-tanner. I’ll sometimes get frustrated by self-tanning because I feel like it’s a whole day event but with this, it’s done in an hour! I love this product and I think it’s going to be my go-to tan in the winter. It’s so easy to use and you aren’t left smelling like fake tan all day. I honestly haven’t found a product from Bali Body that I don’t love. They seriously make the best self-tanning products. So if you haven’t tried any of their stuff I would highly recommend trying this one!

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