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2022 Holy Grail Beauty Products


I’m a little bit late this year but I figured it’s better late than never! One of my favorite posts to write every year is my round up of my favorite products of the year! It’s so fun going through my all my products and seeing what I used the most during the year.


Amika Thermal Straightening Brush

If there’s one product I absolutely fell in love with this year it is this Amika straightening brush! I have very frizzy hair and can never blow dry my hair because it just turns out so frizzy, until I tried this! I have never had a product smooth my hair and dry it as fast as this does! I literally recommend this to everyone in my life! I know this is an investment but if you have frizzy hair that you have a hard time getting to stay straight I promise this will change your life!


One Size Base Blurring Foundation 

This is a product I’ve talked about a few times on my blog but this is by far the best foundation I’ve tried this year! I have never tried a product that blurs your skin like this does! It feels so lightweight yet covers every imperfection! This is a foundation I will continue to repurchase over and over!


Ded Cool 01 Taunt Fragrance

I really wanted to find my “signature scent” but I didn’t want one that everyone wears. So that’s how I found Ded Cool. They have so many unique scents unlike any other perfume I’ve ever had! And one of the best parts is the scent lasts allllll day! I can’t recommend Ded Cool enough! They even have really fun products like laundry detergent and air fresheners!


Tanologist Express Tan in Extra Dark

I usually only use Bali Body tan but I then discovered this mousse from Tanologist and I found myself reaching for this so much during this year! It gives me a color I have never found from any self tan I’ve tried. I develops extremely fast and lasts for so long. My husband even agrees this is the most natural looking tan I’ve used. I also love that this is more of a drugstore self tanner, it is only $23!


Prima Beyond Body Oil

Prima is newer brand to me but I have fallen in love with their products and everything about the brand. I was able to join a call with one of the co-founders and I learned so much about the stigma behind CBD and how they run their company. One thing that made me love them is when the cost of CBD went down they also lowered their prices to reflect that! I mean when have you ever seen a brand do that? Other than that I use this body oil every time I shower and I have noticed such a difference in my skin! It feels so hydrated and my skin is so much more even! I can’t wait to try more of their products!

Bali Body Instant Tan

I have a whole dedicated blog post about this product so if you want to learn more you can read it here! But wow this product is a life saver! You just spray it on your skin, blend it in and you have a perfect tan! I use this a lot when I’m shooting content or when I have an event to go to because you get a perfect tan every time! It also stays put and doesn’t rub off onto your clothes or furniture!


Kiss Magnetic Lashes

Personally I have never been a false lash kind of girl. I would only wear them on special occasions because of how annoying they were to apply. That was until I tried magnetic lashes! You basically apply the “glue” like an eyeliner and the lashes literally magnet onto the liner. It takes under a minute to apply both lashes! I’ve used quite a few different brands of magnetic lashes but I’ve found myself reaching for the kiss ones the most! The best part is these are so insanely affordable compared most of the other lash brands! If you take care of them they will also last for many wears!


Versed Silk Slip Lip Oil

2022 was the year that I found myself hardly ever wearing lipstick, which is crazy for me to even say. Lipstick has always been my favorite part about makeup! Instead I have been putting on a nude lip liner and topping it off with a lip oil! One of my favorites is the Versed one (you can use code paytonlee10 to save at checkout!) It’s affordable (under $10!) and it keeps your lips super hydrated!


Dr Dennis Gross Daily Peel Pads

This has been on my skincare wishlist for years and this was the year I finally made the splurge. I absolutely love getting a chemical peel but they are really expensive and have some down time! These definitely aren’t as intense as a real chemical peel but they do the job! I use them a few nights a week and it has really helped with unclogging my pores and keeping breakouts at bay. When I do get a breakout I’ve noticed they don’t last as long as they normally do. They come in a few different kinds to fit everyones skin types! I will definitely keep these in my skincare routine through 2023!



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